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Friday, 27 October 2006 20:58

Buck X-Tract Review

When I first saw pictures of the Buck X-Tract I thought it was a cool looking tool but wasn't sure how well it would be. Then when I found out it was selling for just around $30 on most knife and tool sites I thought I would take the risk and get one.

Buck X-Tract

Buck X-Tract

If it turned out to be a crappy tool then at least I'll have a cool looking shelf tool. I'm pleased to say that the tool isn't crap at all. The Knife is by far the best implement of the tool. A 3" long blade partially serrated drop point blade that's very sharp right out of the box. The knife like all of the tools on the X-Tract is one hand opening and open with a thumb stud with ease. There's about 1 1/2 of aggressive serrations at the base of the blade.

Buck X-Tract

The can/bottle opener is on the small side but does both jobs ok. Like most can/bottle opener combos when using it to open a bottle it will cut the top of the bottle cap if pushed/pulled to hard. But it gets the bottle cap off. The X-Tract has a metal lanyard loop on the bottom of the tool but I would have preferred a pocket clip instead.

Buck X-Tract

The X-Tract as two screw drivers, a #2 phillips and a 3/16 flathead that are deployed using your thumb on a interesting slide lock mechanism. While the sliding locks works ok I found that it will sometime slide open while trying to deploy the pliers on the other side of the tool.

Buck X-Tract

I like the way the pliers deploy. Using your thumb, you push the base of them on the tool and slide right out and lock into place. The pliers are the biggest disappointment for me. While I haven't had any problems with them in use. They are on the small side. I would have to say that they not as strong has the pliers on the Leatherman Juice series. I found myself being careful when using them so not to break them. Luckily the X-Tract is covered by Bucks 4-Ever warranty. This being my first Buck knife I don't know how well their service department is .

Buck X-Tract

All in all I have to say that I am very pleased with the X-Tract. It has a very good sharp knife, all the tools can be taken out with one hand. But for me the #1 best thing about the X-Tract is the price, for $30 you get a good, quality tool for your money.

Buck X-Tract


  • Good sharp knife right out of the box
  • All the tools can be deployed with one hand
  • All tools lock
  • Price


  • The pliers are one the small and weak side
  • The can/bottle opener is small and a little hard to take out
  • No pocket clip


Overall length: 7 1/4 open
4 1/4 closed

Weight: 5.6 oz.

Buck X-Tract


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