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Friday, 10 May 2024 10:18

Gatco Ultimate Diamond Sharpening System

Written by

When looking for a good, guided angle system there's lots of factors involved. Quality, warranty, support, and price are just a few of the things I look for. One such system that garners my attention, and meets these criteria is Gatco Ultimate Diamond Sharpener. You know I can't review a product without digging into company history, it wouldn't be one of my reviews, right? The company's website claims they've been in business for over two decades, with the company being purchased by Bear and Sons Cutlery November 14, 2016. But that's not the whole truth, thanks to Sal Glesser from Spyderco I've learned some Gatco lore. The original system was invented by Mr. Ray Longbrake back in the late 70's. Called the "Loray" sharpener. Arthur "Lansky" Levine was a distributor of Loray's. Ray and Aruthur had a falling out and Arthur tooled up and created the "Lansky" version. John Anthon was the Sales manager for Lansky. John and Arthur had a falling out and John created GATCO and tooled up his version.

20240505 142014

Thursday, 09 May 2024 17:44

Kansept Fenrir

Written by

Kansept collaborates with numerous designers, some of whom are well-known and others who are gaining recognition. One designer who has just retired from the US Coast Guard is Greg Schob, who is getting back into knife making. Greg Schob is a metal fabricator by trade, and he began making knives about 6 years ago. He enjoys making knives, leather, and anything EDC related. Greg collaborated with Kansept to make the Fenrir model.

20240507 135825

Friday, 03 May 2024 20:02

Vault Co Large Case w/ Super Pack

Written by

A lot of us have a ton of gear but rarely have a good way of storing them. For a long time I have used these little Rubbermaid drawers that can be stacked, it's great for convenience sake but it can be a little unforgiving to some of my more treasured items. A nice solution is the cases made by Vault. They have an assortment of different sizes, and accessories to meet just about every need.


Friday, 03 May 2024 15:21

Kizer Sheepdog

Written by

Products define a company, it may be their best selling item, or could be the first one they released. Examples of this would be Benchmade and its Griptilian. Spyderco and the Delica, or perhaps Buck and the famous 110. All of them defined that company and will forever by synonymous with them. When it comes to Kizer, I feel no other knife put them on the map as much as the Sheepdog. This Chris Conaway collaboration has spawned, a mini, an XL version, and many more. It's design is so popular that I feel helped define the company.

20240501 171548

Friday, 03 May 2024 13:34

Roxon Flex Review

Written by

Because multitools have been around for decades there's literally hundreds to choose from. This has caused many a thread here on the forum, Facebook, or even Reddit to be created by folks needing help finding the perfect tool for their needs. With varying degrees of sizes and implements, it's a lot to sort through. Even through all that, there's folks who aren't happy with what's already out there. There are tools that are close, but don't quite check all those boxes. To solve this problem people got into modding their tools. Thanks to the community here at multitool.org and other places around the globe, people now have the means to make the perfect tool.

However, not everyone is savvy enough to modify their tool even with help. Enter in the new era of multitools, the modular design. With a modular design customers can take a tool and build it from the ground up with the tools they want. No filler or redundant tools that waste space and go unused. Don't need a can opener because you don't go camping? Leave it out in favor of an Allen key for instance. This simple idea is going to radically change the multitool landscape. The pioneer, or shall we say the first modern iteration was by Michael O'Donnell from GOAT Tools. This tool features a set of standard tools with the ability to purchase additional tools and swap them out. The GOAT has quite a following but like every tool has its pros and cons. Though not perfect it was a proof of concept, showing that a modular design could fix issues people had with customization.

20240428 173403

Friday, 03 May 2024 09:08

Xarilk Precision Pro Gen 2

Written by

We've looked at a few higher priced sharpening systems, and I feel we need to take a look at a more affordable option. Not everyone has the dinero to drop on a professional system and that's understandable. There's a ton of systems and methods out there, all with different price points. One that really grabbed my attention was by a company named Xarilk. Xarilk says they were born from a passion for quality and innovation, specializing in crafting precision knife sharpeners. The company has not long launched their new Pro Precision Gen2 model. This update address issues with the old model as well as improvements from customer feedback. Issues are always going to pop up when consumers spend countless hours testing out a product. It's good to see companies listen to that feedback and make proper changes.

20240419 184643

Friday, 03 May 2024 12:53

Steamboat Ultimate Sharpener

Written by

I'm big on things that have to do with tradition, history, and carrying on a legacy. When I found out that Steamboat Sharpeners still existed, I was elated. Since seeing them pulled from local hardware stores I had figured the company had become history. After getting in touch with the folks over at Steamboat they are very much in business.

In early 2021, a family passionate about their Steamboat Quad sharpener reached out to the company in early 2021 to purchase another sharpening unit. They learned that the Steamboat Super Sharpener was for sale and saw a need for these sharpeners to remain in production. They're superior to the competition, wholly made in the United States, and affordably priced. In June 2021 they created JGRG, LLC. for the purpose of producing and marketing Steamboat Super Sharpeners.


Thursday, 02 May 2024 22:06

Pichi G9

Written by

We love our gadgets, from pocketknives to fidget toys, they get the job done, and entertain all at the same time. Those cleaver folks at Pichi Design found a way to give us both a high-quality knife that's also fidget friendly. Till recently I've only used my job specific box cutter at work, I honestly didn't consider anything else. Over the last 6 months I've come across some very high-quality creations, and I had never considered adding a utility blade to my everyday carry.

20240426 174328

Monday, 22 April 2024 00:24

CMB Made E01 2-in-1 Combo Utensil

Written by

There are quite a few options out there for camping, and outdoor eating utensils. I don't spend any time outside like I used to. I used to be into camping, mountain biking, hiking, etc. Since moving to the south of the United States I don't have much of a desire to do those things anymore, maybe it's the humidity. I did however get to play with a very cool combo tool made for such a outing called the CMB Made Knives Titanium 2 in 1 Folding Fork and Spoon Combo. Now I won't be taking this on any walks in the woods but thought this might be a great take along for my meals at work. I usually take leftovers because they save us money and most place, I go have a microwave handy. I've been taking the spoon-fork combo along with me, and this is my thoughts. Due to the super long name this product has I think I'll refer to it by its model number which is CMB-E01.

20240419 054845

20240419 054850

Monday, 22 April 2024 04:08

Exceed Designs TiRantV3

Written by

I've carried a pocketknife on my person for over 20 years. My knife gets used for everything from opening mail, food prep, and the random thing that needs doing. I've used my knife even at work where I open boxes and break them down. I sometimes use my dedicated box cutter which is a Pacific Handy Cutter S4 model. It does things I can't do with my knife because it's specifically designed for a task. Lately I've come across many companies that produce everyday carry box cutters and thought I would touch on a few. Why do we have EDC box cutters? Because there seems to be people who want a quick access disposable blade that can be used to do dirty work. Work that they wouldn't use their pocketknife for, then again there's the no sharpening aspect as well. Needless to say, there's a market for these items and companies are delivering. Today we're checking out the Exceed Designs TiRantV3, a very high end take on a design that's used by everyone.


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