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December 08 2023

In today's news, Cold Steel and SOG are offering some Holiday Season related deals- not much of a surprise that Read More
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Horl 1993 Rolling Knife Sharpener

Horl 1993 Rolling Knife Sharpener

I tend to cover a lot of sharp things but rarely talk about things made to keep them sharp. On Read More
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Limited edition Swiss Army Knives for the holidays

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Sunday, 03 December 2023 11:15

Horl 1993 Rolling Knife Sharpener

Written by

I tend to cover a lot of sharp things but rarely talk about things made to keep them sharp. On social media I've been bombarded by advertisements for a sharpening device by Tumblerware called a rolling knife sharpener. I thought it seemed strange, maybe even gimmicky compared to other systems I've used in the past. I started reading the comments in these posts to see what people thought. Mixed in with the comments was folks pointing out that this sharpener was a copycat, and they stole the ideal from a company called Horl.

Otmar Horl and his son Timo launched the first Horl sharpener in 2016 and in 2020 launched the Horl 2 collection. This collection includes accessories like additional stones, and a leather strop for refining the edge. The Horl rolling sharpening system consists of two parts, an angle guide that holds the blade in place for sharpening, and a double-sided cylinder that's rolled back and forth to hone the edge. The Horl 2 system has a diamond disc on one side and a ceramic disc on the other. The diamond disc is designed to fix your edge, while the ceramic one helps further refine the edge.


Sunday, 19 November 2023 10:53

Vosteed Thunderbird

Written by

The Thunderbird is a legendary creature in American Indian history and culture. It's considered a supernatural being of power and strength. It's said to create thunder by flapping its wings, and lightning by flashing its eyes. Vosteed does a great job of naming their products, and the Thunderbird is no exception. The company has done a great job of creating a knife worth of such a namesake. The knife has awesome specs to boot; g-mascus handles, M390 blade with a tanto grind, and their Trek Lock. Let's take a walk around this bird and see what she's got.

Resizer 17004280208205

Wednesday, 11 October 2023 14:06

Limited edition Swiss Army Knives for the holidays

Written by


THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ADVENTURERS: Available beginning October 16th - retailing for $85 at Victorinox.com, THE CADET ALOX WINTER MAGIC LIMITED EDITION 2023 pocket knife is the fifth edition of the Victorinox Winter Magic collection.This year, the unique winter mountain design in powder blue and complementing sun-colored hues features a spectacular 3D haptic Alox scale and detachable mountain charm. The pocket knife is limited to 10,000 pieces and is packaged in a custom-designed gift box.
Victorinox SAK Cadet Alox Winter Magic LE Oct 2023 1 Victorinox SAK Cadet Alox Winter Magic LE Oct 2023 Victorinox SAK Cadet Alox Winter Magic LE Oct 2023 2
retailing for $127.00 at Victorinox.com, the NEW LIMITED EDITION HUNTSMAN “YEAR OF THE DRAGON 2024” welcomes the Chinese New Year and honors the current zodiac sign.

This Huntsman pocket knife is limited to the lucky number of 8’888 pieces worldwide. This edition comes in classic red with a vibrant drawing of a golden dragon. Each pocket knife is individually numbered and presented with its certificate in a special gift box.
Victorinox_SAK_Year_of_the_Dragon_Huntsman_Oct_2023.jpg  Victorinox SAK Year of the Dragon Huntsman Oct 2023 2 Victorinox SAK Year of the Dragon Huntsman Oct 2023 1
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR TRAVELERS: Available beginning October 16th - ranging from $48 - $74 at Victorinox.com, THE LIVE TO EXPLORE COLLECTION celebrates the unique style of Paris, Sydney, and New York with an invitation to mix and match tools and accessories. The collection will launch with the choice of three multitools offered with matching practical accessories.

The collection features the choice of the Victorinox Classic SD, the Companion, and the popular Swiss Card Classic. The Companion comes with a new innovative box opener function - perfect for unboxing packages. The three colorways are: the Paris style (romantic with soft colors), the Sydney style (with bold colors with a dynamic design), and the New York style (with timeless, neutral colors and well-defined shapes).
 SAK Live to explore New York G1

SAK Live to explore Paris G1


SAK Live to explore Sydney G1

Friday, 06 October 2023 02:06

Leatherman Arc release date

Written by


Leatherman has announced via social media about the Arc, which is Oct 17th. There's been a lot of leaks and goofs since we have heard about this new tool, from what we hear the hype is valid. The new Leatherman Arc has a tool set that many have been asking for and Leatherman has delivered.


Screenshot 20231006 094801 Facebook


Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:20

Leatherman Arc in the wild

Written by

Last week the retail outlet REI accidently made the Leatherman Arc page live before the official release date. All this transpired via the r/Leatherman Reddit group and the 50 units they had available were gone in no time. One of our members Gadgetman7 (Dale Carr), was so gracious to show off his new acquisition. There is no official launch date for the Leatherman Arc, but at or around October 17 has been floating around. I feel if REI had stock already, then release is imminent. In the meantime, enjoy the pics of the new Leatherman Arc, compliments of Gadgetman7.

Saturday, 10 June 2023 20:08

Blade Show 2023 Awards

Written by

wallpaper 20230611 085859 

There's a lot that goes on at Blade Show every year, but one thing that people really look forward to are the Blade Show Awards. These are the awards given for makers and knives in different categories. These are the 11 different categories for production knives.

The big winners this year was Giant Mouse, they took home Overall Knife of the Year in the production category for their GMX folder. Also, a new company RoseCraft Blades got their first Blade Show Award, Import Knife of the Year for their Clinch River Swayback. Here's a list of all the awards that were given out in the production category:

Overall Knife of the Year: Giant Mouse GMX


American-Made Knife of the Year: Benchmade Narrows

Imported Knife of the Year: RoseCraft Blades Clinch River Swayback

Most Innovative American Knife: Buck 590 Paradigm

Most Innovative Import Knife: Maserin W-Lock

Manufacturing Quality: Spartan Blades Limited Edition Spartan-Harsey Folder

Best Collaboration: We Knife Co. Solid (collaboration with Gustavo T. Cecchini)

Best Investor Knife: Shirogorov Knives Mini Quantum CD

Best Kitchen Knife: MKM Prima

Best Buy: Kershaw Iridium

Accessory of the Year: Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust

Sunday, 16 April 2023 12:18

Heron L1 Giveaway

Written by

oknifeheronl1 1There's just 24 hours left until we draw a winner for this OKnives Heron L1 knife!

Friday, 14 April 2023 14:19

OKnife Heron L1

Written by

OKnifeHeron 1

The folks at OKnife have sent me their new Heron L1 folder to review, and they were nice enough to send an extra one along to give away.

I just got them in yesterday afternoon and I'm a bit rushed to get it posted, because they are also having a flash sale on these from April 16th to the 22nd.

Megan and Spencer Today I had a great chat with SOG founder Spencer Fraser, and members of his team. Spencer is retiring and we wished him the best on behalf of the fine folks here at MTO.

But what's going on with SOG? We all know that SOG has produced some really interesting designs over the years. Their compound leverage tech for multitools is effective too. But as you can see through the threads on our forum, the quality has not always been up to par. My conversation with SOG leads me to believe that they're listening. They're changing up what they're doing and they'll be moving away from lower end retailers like Wal-Mart, and Amazon, meaning they won't be catering to that price point market.

I was happy to hear that they've been reading threads here on our forum. They heard how annoyed MTO members were with the giant flashy SOG logos on all of their products, and the concerns over material and workmanship.

They're currently in the middle of a re-brand and they say they're going back to their founding roots. They're moving away from “SOG” and going back to “Studies and Observations Group”.

Their newest multitool was designed prior to the changes and re-brand. I will admit that I am not sure it will be one of my favourites, however I am really into their new knife line up. They feel very good in the hand, and the quality to me matches the clever design.

I'll be posting more about the knives when I have a moment later, but I wanted to share something with you ahead of time. I had an opportunity to see where Studies and Observations Group is headed for 2021 and I am pumped. It looks like, for the first time in a long while, we might have a unique plier-based multi tool. I viewed some early designs which I wasn't permitted to take photos of, or describe. But I will say that we have something to look forward to in 2021. And I think SOG will be one to watch. SOG has always been good to us at MTO, and our fingers are crossed that their new multis are what we're hoping for!

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